Thursday, April 19, 2012

The First Grooming

Last Saturday we took the two terrors for their first official grooming. Weve given them baths at home but it was time for a more intensive treatment...
I got some pictures of them since they won't look this good for long.
 Here is Dillon looking fine, noble perhaps. Gazing into the distance? No he is probably thinking "I'm Dillon, Dillon, Dillon..." we are pretty sure that is what is going through his head most of the time.
 Zena is undistracted from the truth; "We have been dumped off in some backwoods freaky-house, and hosed down like livestock...
this will not be forgotton."
 "I'm watching you..."
 Dillon's butt
"this is not over"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Planning and Planting

When I was planning my next moves for a troubled garden bed, I noticed a visitor staring at me from the wrinkles in the paper.

Some sort of Journal Spirit, he just showed up.
He is on the south edge of the map, not a direction I would have associated with someone that has a Father-Archetype* look ...
The south seems to associate with a younger warmer sort of vibration.

He seems interested though and I think he is reserving judgement until he sees the results of my planning.
I wouldn't have expected this sort of interest from a male spirit.
that is probably telling something about me.

*Zeus, God of the Sky- The Realm of Will and Power
  Poseidon, God of the Sea- The Realm of Emotion and Instinct
  Hades, God of the Underworld- The Realm of Souls and the Unconscious

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Curtains

Here are the new curtains. They look like watercolors of hydrangeas to me.
Perfect for spring.
The storage bench in front of the window has become our little dog Zena's seat of preference, in the evening she just curls up on it and zonks out.

Dillon always chooses to snuggle up at my feet on the trailing edge of the afgan, he is a serious mama's boy.

In June we will have had them for a full year. they have settled in quite well still having the occasional hiccup but they are good dogs and they fill the house with life and laughter.