Monday, November 20, 2017

Tribe 3 the halfway point

Tribe 3 has grown over the last few months. Slowly and surely. All members are made of the same stuff more or less. I start slowly with these tribes, I let them tell me what the traits are that define them. Each member has an individual interpretation of those traits. I find that they come into their own identity within the group based on the stone itself, the distinct sizes and shapes and what I find possible in the moment.
There is a push and pull between the two
Individuality // Tribe

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Blustery Day


 We have had some big wind storms lately, today is blustery but not damaging. Grey and wet, getting cooler as it goes. I like to wander on days like this and just look at the garden, see what it looks like as the season ends and it goes to sleep. This year I decided not to buy anything new, just shift the old stuff as needed. I moved a few things but not as many as I did the year before. We had a lovely cool wet spring that gave all of my foundation plants a chance to really get established AND I fed everything first thing in the season (usually thats miss for me). Over the course of the summer I have tried to get some ground cover established in the back border. I want to reduce the amount of mulch I need to use on it. I took sprigs of Snow in Summer, Lamium, myrtle, and sweet woodruff  and tucked them into the beds, some has taken and will start to spread next year.
lots of texture, muted colors
crabapple and pine
 The last thing I did this season was to cut back most of the flowering shrubs (weglia, japonica and spirea) and the smoke bushes. That'll improve the foliage next year. I cleaned the beds up a bit and now they are messy again. They can stay that way, I just need to keep the walks clear and it will all be fine. Cleaning up helped me to identify some weak spots that need tweaking, either some sort of planting or an improvement in the hardscape, I didn't get as much done with the paths in the bird garden this summer as planned, maybe next year.
messy paths in the bird garden
 I'm still looking at the sinkhole and trying to figure out what to make of it. It has the potential to become a really nice seating area, but its a big job and I have concerns... also maybe next year.
still looking
 The container garden in the front wall came along nicely. All of the sedums and hechera I potted up have survived and seem pretty happy in their new homes. I have more sedum started for next year.
I plan to rework the stonework and containers to create a waterfall look and build up the terracing.

fading colors
 So many plans, maybe next year.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October past

Maple leaves

elegant encounter

north border late Oct
deck garden early Oct

sassafras leaf

lake colors

fuddling around


grave lichen

Scituate Art Fest

hot apple dumplings (the real attraction!)

golden rod
end of the season containers

Friday, October 6, 2017


abacus 1
My dad had an abacus when I was a kid I remember shiny black wooden beads that made a satisfing clack when they smacked into each other.
This piece was finished more than a year ago, I've been trying to find a good way to photograph and display this work... I may have it figured out now.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


moss rose
Last year I put moss roses in the planters in the bird garden, they went to seed and I scattered it around hoping for possible volunteers... and forgot about it
Last month I remembered again when I noticed some sprigs popping out between the pavers
Last week I noticed the flowers all in white except for this little guy's shocking pink epaulettes
a year in the making,
it takes time.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

breathing the moon

full moon at the lake
I stopped at the lake to catch the moon last night as I went to yoga.
Its good to remember the beauty in the world hasn't disappeared.