Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Darkly Lit

It was bright between the clouds and coldwindy but I went anyhow
gleaning stones again.


I'm thinking about community 
what it means to be part of one
how one defines their own 
I read this 
its a good read. it asks questions and indicates directions to focus on. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

What is Next

what IS next
I went to my first ever political meeting on Saturday.
I have some big changes approaching in the near future.
Most are not of my choosing.
Tonight I see a way forward.
I feel brave


I have been entangled in recent events for months now
since Tuesday I have been sick, raging, sad, disappointed, sleepless and bleak.
A kind of grim hurricane
So much was lost. It hurts.
I think its hooks are out for the moment and I'm trying not to get dragged back in
Today was a little better and I'm trying to choose the things that put me back into myself again.
I sent off a volunteer form to the Nature Conservancy. I find the woods to be healing to my spirit.
I think I will go to one of the local preserves on Sunday
Pride and Prejudice helped last night and so did the second vol of the Neapolitan Series
I hope to sleep tonight so now I will go and do some yoga
Deep Breaths