Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Magic Circle

Another reason I've been so quiet while going through this Nesting...
I'm doing a great deal of cleaning and sorting.
Not precisely fascinating reading.
I'm a bit fascinated by it though, it answers my desire to be doing something, yet leaves the creative side free to just observe.
As I sort my surroundings my brain seems to sort its space too.
It gives my creative mind some time to process/observe and opens a space for ideas to arise as they are generated by desire or intuition rather than imposed by what I think I "should" be doing.

A Magic Circle
Makiage stitched
 A Nest
Makiage pulled

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Among the Roses

I was trimming the Monty Python Roses today. These lovelies have some serious barbs on them. Deep in the thicket I found this...

Yep another nest. Unoccupied now. A very safe place to be growing up if you are small and vulnerable.
All of the creative impulses I have been feeling this year are about nesting, creating a haven for myself.
It is a difficult process to share, its raw, hard to put into words. It is driven by old stuff; emotions, events, and unrequited needs. As I have answered the impulse it has gotten stronger, picked up speed and carried me along with it leaving little time to gather my thoughts.
I'm feeling excited and rather unsure of where it is all going. Each time I think I have just about reached the end a new possibility suggests itself to me.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

past colombine
Spring passed through quickly this year. The house/garden claimed most of it.
It felt right to spend some time putting my house in order and making some improvements to the studio spaces. The same for the garden.

I suppose I'm nesting.
I found this today...

"The Magi creates a magic empty space
by drawing a magic circle.
Within this vacuume, or empty space
s(h)e creates magic."       
                                - Laurence G. Boldt 

A nest is a magic empty space.

My nest has some magpie qualities, bits and bobs, shiny fascinators, and special gifts... a couple of recent ones
Thanks to Cinimon for the awesome bookmark. It cracks me up.
and thanks to Janet for my funky leather earrings.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


come and find me
in the valley
in the deep green
hear my call

by the river
I'll wait beside her
come and deliver
your love so tall

on the soft breeze
we'll find the fruit trees
and we'll pick sweet cherries
to our hearts content

and then we'll take flight
up in these wild skies
and we'll greet the moonrise
when the day is spent

we'll build a nest
with twigs and branches
leaves and pebbles
flowers and mud

make it pretty
we'll build it steady
we'll get it ready
to hold our love

in the winter
our wings will cover
one another
against the cold

lie together
we'll stay forever
birds of a feather
'till we grow old

come and find me
in the valley
in the deep green
I'll wait for you...

written by Ruth Moody

this song breaks my heart just a little, listen to it here

Sunday, June 3, 2012


It was an unexpectedly lovely day today. Yesterday was heavy rain which cleared away the drifts of pollen that had settled over the area.
I know the next couple of weeks will be busy so I spent most of the day outdoors.
While I was working I found this odd little weed. I really like the clusters of five leaves strung as beads, and the antennae buds.
So I kept it.