Monday, January 31, 2011

CWB- 2nd Experiment

Right, so unlike many I don't have a substantial stash of woven fabrics (knits are another matter entirely)
I tend to collect dye-able fabrics, usually white.
I've found that I am becoming more and more interested in exploring working with dyed fabrics and the weaving method, how they can be used without overwhelming the design.
So I'm putting some time in in the dye lab to come up with some fabrics to work with.
I've found that certain dye techniques read as textures rather than patterns, it makes them far more usable. Low water immersion dyes make a texture that can look like suede. To create these 3 blocks I created color/ombres that shift from blue to turquoise, purple to turquoise, and green to turquoise. Rather than lining them up directionally I chose to have the ombres cross each other perpendicularly. I think the effect is nice, rich and a bit dynamic.
No clear idea of what I will USE these for but I've basted them and will wait until I do know

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starting thoughts -CWB workshop

I've gotten started on the Contemporary Woven Boro workshop with jude.

Its been a rough month or 2, so its a late start.

I began with playing with a more involved weaving pattern, using 2 pieces of itajime. I like the way the regularity of the itajime becomes fractured and reforms into a new pattern.

As I was working on this I began thinking about new ways to use the tiedye. It is pretty "loud" partly because of the colors and another reason is that the eye doesnt find resting places with so much pattern dancing around. Got me thinking about ways to let the dyes sing out more quietly...

I will be stealing some moments in the dye lab for experiments to play with.