Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starting thoughts -CWB workshop

I've gotten started on the Contemporary Woven Boro workshop with jude.

Its been a rough month or 2, so its a late start.

I began with playing with a more involved weaving pattern, using 2 pieces of itajime. I like the way the regularity of the itajime becomes fractured and reforms into a new pattern.

As I was working on this I began thinking about new ways to use the tiedye. It is pretty "loud" partly because of the colors and another reason is that the eye doesnt find resting places with so much pattern dancing around. Got me thinking about ways to let the dyes sing out more quietly...

I will be stealing some moments in the dye lab for experiments to play with.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anna Lisa!
The fabric arrived yesterday and I am
thrilled! All is displayed at
Your weaving would make a
wonderful design for a fractal.
Have you seen those? amazing!