Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sea life

Tonight I had to dye up some socks for the store.
Since I had the dyes out I over-dyed the white motif I'm thinking of using.
the white seemed stark to me, it needed some warmth.
Looks like a sea creature that washed up from the depths,
got me thinking about the nudibranch inspired fabric I dyed up a couple of weeks ago...


neki desu said...

did i say the fabrics are gorgeous? if i didn't i'm saying it now.
happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

The creature that washes up from the depths of the sea holds within it a note from the depths of you! How wonderful this is.

Anonymous said...

hi there! i'm out and about visiting
cwb classmates. i love your fabric colors!
in fact i'm torn between two indigo
prints in your shop.... not sure which to
choose but that will come soon!
cheers to you!