Sunday, June 3, 2012


It was an unexpectedly lovely day today. Yesterday was heavy rain which cleared away the drifts of pollen that had settled over the area.
I know the next couple of weeks will be busy so I spent most of the day outdoors.
While I was working I found this odd little weed. I really like the clusters of five leaves strung as beads, and the antennae buds.
So I kept it.


Anonymous said...

Not a weed, just a plant in the wrong place!

Liz said...

Not a weed, it's the native whorled loosestrife, quite pretty I think

alsokaizen said...

Hi Alex
I agree definastely not a weed and I think it has found the perfect place for itself.
Ahh thank you Liz, I just don't know my wild flowers yet, and I think it is very pretty too!