Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Among the Roses

I was trimming the Monty Python Roses today. These lovelies have some serious barbs on them. Deep in the thicket I found this...

Yep another nest. Unoccupied now. A very safe place to be growing up if you are small and vulnerable.
All of the creative impulses I have been feeling this year are about nesting, creating a haven for myself.
It is a difficult process to share, its raw, hard to put into words. It is driven by old stuff; emotions, events, and unrequited needs. As I have answered the impulse it has gotten stronger, picked up speed and carried me along with it leaving little time to gather my thoughts.
I'm feeling excited and rather unsure of where it is all going. Each time I think I have just about reached the end a new possibility suggests itself to me.

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