Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another Step

Its been a little while since I 've posted. I ran into a bit of a bump because I'm not entirely sure of how to work this blogging thing. Bumps tend to knock me down. My frustration stems from being unable to figure out how to manage my "groups" as well as some difficulty with posting multiple images per post. I have decided to just break it down and try to figure out one step at a time...
Tonight: How do I upload an image directly from my computer??

Ok that wasn't too tough...
And then: How do I upload a second one to the same posting??

Hey I did it! Sweet!

Both of these are images of a Daffodil piece I did that is on exhibit at Day One a counseling center in Providence RI. It is made of hand-dyed fabrics, fused and stitched with contrasting threads, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out especially considering how quickly I had to turn it around for the exhibit. From pencil sketch to finished piece it took about 36 hours.

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