Friday, November 2, 2007

30 Day Experiment (more than 30 days late) review

I have dragged my feet trying to describe how the experiment worked out. All around I think it helped me to become more productive and far more aware of the habit of sharing too much. However I was unable to completely follow my own rules. I tried to be much more circumspect regarding upcoming projects, and I think I succeeded in not discussing them for the most part but it was hard to do. I had a number of events that put me in a position to discuss my work and I find it very difficult to limit those conversations to the present or the past, they kept spilling over into possibilities for the future. I definitely couldn't help myself in the morning pages... I truly think that that is one of the ways my brain sorts itself out. I do think that just becoming more aware of the behavior was constructive, and I am continuing to try to keep my head in the present.

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Barbara Jo said...

Hi Lisa, I'm very struck by your self-awareness in your own creative process -- and with your considerable work at discipline in your creative process.

Your bonsai's are spectacular and I think would make great blank cards for messages to special people -- also great wall hangings.

I "see" so much more of you in your work than you allow me to see "close up" -- perhaps that's what makes you an artist and communicator. Love -- Barbara Jo