Friday, May 29, 2009


Someone hasn't been to the groomer in awhile, we have decided that it is too stressful for our delicate little girl at the moment...

Unfortunately that leaves us with the task of cutting these meathooks. Something our dog (and 90% of all other dogs) hates. Tonight we tried the Dremmel as an industrial strength Pedipaws tool. It works but its really slow so we are gonna look for a clipper and try the method a friend of our perfected with his paw sensitive pup. Wait til shes dozing, sneak up and cut one toenail and wait til another day for the next one.
Seriously look at the size of those things, I don't have especially small hands... they are pretty average. Those are some good size paws and looong nails.

In other news I did the dyeing tonight. 3 different colorways. Hope they came out alright!

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