Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Colors

The colors of the fall season have really begun to pop here. New England turns into a sustained firework show of colors in autumn, right now its the first part of the show just lovely pops of color here and there, the gigantic barrages haven't quite started yet. Enough to warm up the crowd and get the excitement going.

It got me out to Situate Nurseries to buy the fall mums, a yearly tradition.

Then spend the rest of the afternoon arranging and rearranging them in the yard.

Sorry about the picture quality, by the time I finished it was getting fairly dark and I had trouble holding the camera still enough.

I like this arrangement enough to try to get a better picture of it once the mums have really gotten going. It is the site of a future garden.

Doing this was like setting up a still life, come to think of it, gardening is rather like setting up a still life too.


Storycloth said...

Kaizen - the photo is wonderful- I love the colours and arrangement. Encroaching fall is an evocative time of year. Gilly

alsokaizen said...

Thanks Gilly :) its not often I go all "Martha" around the house, it was rather fun!
I agree about fall, I think it maybe my favorite