Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tossed By the Sea

Today I went to the beach with a friend. As cloudy and cool as it was, colors popped and captured the eye everywhere. Rosa Rugosa is no longer blooming but rose hips are ripe and abundant.

Some of the colors were in my personal noncollectable range. This lobster shell glowed in blue, green and rust but would have smelled like a seafood restaurant dumpster in no time, so a picture had to do.

Goldenrod is blooming in the dunes.

A most astonishing blue and red. This really tempted me, I almost broke my rule (nothing stinky), in the end common sense prevailed. The white thing there isn't crab but shark cartilage. There was LOTS of that around. I wonder what is killing the sharks.
In the end the things that found their way home with me were pieces of driftwood.

More stones.

A few fragments of shells.

And finally two bird skulls scoured white and clean.

One is a gull (pretty sure of that) the other may be a cormorant.
they are graceful and exquisitely delicate, weighing so little you can almost feel the flight in them.


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Fabulous post! I feel like I was right there walking beside you! Good job I wasn't, or we would've ended up fighting over all that lovely lute! ;)

Storycloth said...

What an amazing array of little collections. Driftwood is my absolute favourite. Something about it drives me crazy - in a very good way haha. Gilly