Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catching Up

OK I have been feeling very tongue tied for the last 2 weeks.

However the project has been slowly progressing so I'm going to try to catch up all the stages I've been passing through in one huge post.
Here we go...
I pretty quickly discovered that I wasn't going to be able to stabilize the weaving while it was on the hoop. So I took it out and began to quilt it onto a backing.
I chose to use a running stitch in soft neutral colors to anchor each square. The work was a bit intensive as each square the direction and color changed. As I was working it occur ed to me that the work might be a wasted effort as I planned to add appliqued motifs of some sort over the top of the weaving. things slowed considerably as I decided what I would like to add. While I was thinking I noticed this:
This is a piece that I have hung on my bulletin board, odd thoughts in collage form, then I noticed this:
A piece of dyed cotton gauze I made last spring. I liked the compass like way the motif splays out from the center, it relates to a cardinal direction/time/seasonal theme I had been thinking about.
It also connects to the root idea.
I cut two pieces over the woven work making a root-like mandala. I liked the mandala, it was a neutral color but darker than the background but I found that even though the cotton gauze is quite transparent it wasn't showing much of the ground, so the best solution was to stitch it down around the motif and cut it out.
Much better, the root mandala relates nicely to the grid too.
I've spent some more time quilting the background down now and looking at all of the extra fabric I left hanging off of the center. I'm circling back around to the cardinal directions...
and each cardinal direction can be a different color.
So I've constructed a dye structure to hold the fabric up while I dye the ends of the strips.

That's where its at, for the moment.



Herm said...

WOW, it looks great, lot of work!!!

neki desu said...

interesting to see your mental process and how you work it into the cloth.

jude said...

quite an adventure going on over here.

alsokaizen said...

Thanks Herm, I'm always looking for little cheats :)
Hi Neki
My internal process often outstrips my ability to communicate... sorry I've missed responding to your last few comments, they are always appreciated
Hi jude hopefully I won't get too lost :)