Sunday, September 18, 2011

small celebrations

I mostly let the small accomplishments pass,
often with a throwaway attitude of "well thats the least you should be doing"
some people think I'm hard on myself, and I am, but its borne out of high expectations
(which is one of those good servant but a bad master things)
but I have to admit life is a bit nicer when I do take the time to appreciate the fun things I do and the small accomplishments
I'm making an effort to be a little gentle with myself right now because its been tough to get my head in the game lately
so here are some little bits that have gotten done in the last couple of weeks....
Mom sent me pictures of a chair she re-seated with some fabric I sent her

I love it, it just looks cool, a little funky but not over the top,
thats what I love about hand dyed textiles they have alot of life to them, and they don't have to be bright rainbows...
or they can be
these are a mini production run for next weekends craft fair 

                                                    baby socks,
                              big people socks, and a few other things
 As long as I was in the dye studio I tried dyeing some more itajime for a prospective client
                                                and golds
                and played with an idea of overdyeing some woven silk
I actually have gotten a little wrapping done as well on this new stone that is in progress

Today I ran a 5K (the whole thing) which I wasn't convinced I could do, given the sporadic training I've done over the summer.
(thats me!)
Its been a good week, I'm happy to be home
and I've given myself a couple of treats along the way
                                          a new project to play with,

and Brownies!

Dillon wants one too


neki desu said...

great to hear you're settling in.
and it's not bad to gratify oneself once in a while.

Anonymous said...

The chair seat works so well - traditional with that autumnal splash of colour. Enjoy your little things - they help heal.