Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This past 3 day weekend I finished the edging. Here it is in its panoramic glory!
I am really pleased with it.
That is one big job finished... now on to the transplanting. 
I will be relocating many of the plants from the original edging (you can see them hugging the big retaining wall there) as well as a bunch of things from some of my other overgrown gardens.
I'm trying to do this with some foresight as to how big things are going to get, so I won't have to do this again.
It will be a little easier this time since many of the things that are going in are closer to full size than they were when I first put them in the ground.
I have a better idea of the plants that survive under my brand of benign neglect too (I don't water, drought tolerance is necessary)
All of this work has bumped me off of the 60 days. I'm still poking at the project I have going on but getting this gardening done before it gets too cold is taking precedence.

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