Monday, November 26, 2012

A Room of My Own

I am lucky to have a space to work where I can spread out my thoughts and let them play. It even has a view of the Bird Garden.
While I was experiencing that intense nesting stage last spring I spent some time rearranging it and I invested in a big table that we can fold up if we have guests and need the space.
I arranged it as a spiral.
At the heart of the spiral is the large work space where I can lay out bigger projects; then the corner computer table; a couple of file cabinets under the window; a sewing/beading table; the closet; and finally the design wall.
I like the way I can tuck into the space now.
It took me awhile to really start inhabiting it, experimenting with a daily practice gets me in here every morning, and now is creating a dynamic with the space, it is my 3-D sketch book. 
The design wall and the large table are used not just as work surfaces, I find myself making arrangements, dioramas, alters, displays...
Little ideas and experiments sort of set up house near one another.
Post it notes with small sketches settle like leaves here and there.
Some of the itinerant stones wander about. 
When I start feeling stuck I spend some time rearranging.
Putting things into different contexts, and sorting them physically gives them new voices or perhaps just starts some new conversations.
I've begun using trays to group things
Raw ideas:
  Finished thoughts:
 What is next...


neki desu said...

thanks for the peek into your workspace. i'd be too embarrased to show my lion's den.too much in too little space.

alsokaizen said...

I know what you mean, when I am in the middle of a big progect the whole area just seems to fill up with stuff!

Anna said...

A real artist's atelier!