Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Sprung!

The past 2 weeks  have brought a new season, I've seen robins, and herons; the sounds of peewees and blackbirds establishing their territories are filling the days and peepers are calling at night; and plants are emerging and blooming. It has been sweeping me out the door for a garden spruce up. I've cleaned the beds out, done a hard prune on many of the transplants and rearranged the "decor", editing/adding some elements in the bird garden.
I have two new projects for the yard and a few others to get to leftover from last year.
Here is the start of one of the new ones:

new project
This bird bath has never provided much for the bird population but it has done plenty to aid the mosquitoes so I'm turning it into a succulent fountain
I just got the plants today from Succulents Galore on Etsy (very exciting to open the package)
I will probably supplement these with a few of the sedums I have growing in the garden as well
Hot Pink
cute baby green
Other big projects, like mulching the back beds, clearing the woodsy edge of deadfall, creating a branch barrier, staining the concrete foundation and making a house number are still to come...
This is going to be a fun season!

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neki desu said...

interesting development that of the birdbath!
over here one day's spring, the next winter and back again:(