Sunday, October 16, 2016


remaining bits
We had a Gypsy moth attack this year. The caterpillars ate the trees down to bare twigs by mid June.
Preferring the pines and oaks, they got to the maples last, leaving bits of the leaves behind.
My little Japanese maple is making the most of its shreds of finery.  

I seem to be trying to go in forty different directions at once. I never am sure of where to start, everything seems equally important. There are some changes looming ahead and I want to meet them on my terms. I just wish I had a better description of what those terms are. Its hard to trust that this will sort itself out if I can just trust the process of sorting it out.


jude said...

beautiful photo.
and I kind of know what you mean even though you didn't really say it. if you know what I mean....

alsokaizen said...

I'm talking in fragments too :)