Monday, June 5, 2017

Rainy Season

Friday afternoon
We have had many cool and rainy days here for the last month or so.
The garden LOVES it
Our lawn is our version of lush*
We are still having the fairer weather too some times both in the same day
But best of all it is having the same effect on the Gypsy moths** that hot and humid weather would and activating both a virus and a fungus that kills them. I'm really grateful that we won't see the extreme defoliation we saw last year.

* I like that word.
** This name is problematic, may I suggest a new name: European Colonist moth


neki desu said...

europeans raise a formal protest(LOL)
i am getting used to a new climate and weather where rain is more frequent and plants do not fry.however there's much to be learned about frost and fungi.mind you mine's a pot garden, container one not smokable one. lol

jude said...

what a great photo

alsokaizen said...

You are right Neki I think white settlers might be better :)
thanks jude!