Sunday, December 9, 2007

Heart Space

This piece represents a realignment of my energy.
The end of November brought the resolution of a difficult decision for me. I have decided to let go of my rented studio space.
I began renting a studio two years ago. Doing dye work in the home is a risky proposition. Dyes are messy and have a tremendous capacity of finding their way into the most unexpected places. It has been a terrific luxury to have a space dedicated their use that doesn’t have a second function (like a laundry room or garage). I also like to be able to make a mess without guilt.
The downsides to this are the money and time factors. I maintain a room in my home for sewing and all computer related tasks. I work a full time job. The harsh truth is that I haven’t been using the studio enough to justify the expense…and that weighs on me. I’ve been trying to divide my time between the three locations: job, studio and home and the one that keeps losing is the studio. I do artwork at home but getting to the studio, even when I try to make it a priority, doesn’t happen enough to justify the expense.
I’ve also found that all too often I find myself basing my artistic/business decisions on how I will pay the rent rather than on what my true artistic inclination is.
This isn’t the direction I want to head in.
Like most people I have a relatively small amount of time each day to use on my art/business. I have been thinking about the sort of work I want to spend that time on…I enjoy experimenting with dyes, experiments that may not necessarily work out. I enjoy designing new work both digital and analog using the textiles I produce … What I don’t particularly enjoy is huge amounts of production work. I’ve done enough of it over the last twenty years to know it isn’t where my strength or my heart is. I would prefer to focus more on the things I love in the time that is available to me.
I have the choice between a physical space to work in or the mental space I need in order to produce my best work…I’m picking the mental space.
Releasing the studio will free up time and money that I intend to reinvest in the work I love best.

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