Monday, December 10, 2007


A couple of posts back I mentioned that I was considring giclee prints of my bonsai trees. I did go ahead and have some done of two of the designs. Although I am happy with the quality of the prints they still struck me as somehow unfinished. I matted them with black mats and it improved the appearance but still something was missing. I pondered it for awhile and I finally hit upon what it was, I really wanted to show off the pattern featured in each print. My solution was to mat each of the different trees in the same print that is featured on the pot. I'm happy with the effect it seems to set the print off much better. This is the first of them, now listed at Etsy. The next will be coming in a few days. Funny isn't it? When you just sit back and let it the answer presents itself...I wonder where it comes from?

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