Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Starting A New Year

I haven’t posted in awhile now. Mainly that is because I have been busy with holiday stuff and moving the studio, but it is also because I have been feeling fairly unsettled regarding my artistic direction.
Dismantling my studio and moving it into my home has meant deciding what to keep, where it goes and how in the world to store it all. A great deal of purging went on. This past weekend I got it down to the final tasks, I’m left with a few things to donate or sell. Once those items are taken care of I will be able to use the garage for its primary purpose, storing cars!
I am a happier person when I’m not weighed down by clutter (I think most people are) but getting to that place often means some hard decisions and sometimes facing regrets and guilt that gets all tangled up in my stuff.
Letting go of the studio has felt rather like unraveling some knitting because there’s a mistake back in the first few rows. Absolutely necessary in order to finish the project but it can be hard not to regret the wasted effort.
I’ve also managed to finish up a few lingering projects
This is the final resolution of the Maki-age project I started back in October…
Some pillows made from some Itajime shibori I made last year…
A simple bag made from one of last year’s Maki-age experiments…
And a knitting bag made from another. This is a gift for a friend. I don’t knit myself. I finally feel ready to start the new year!

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