Monday, January 21, 2008

Method 2 Activated Dye*

Prescour fiber and dry it**
Create resist patterns
Create dye solution and activate it
Apply activated dye solution to fiber, and allow chemical reaction to occur
Remove excess dye solution from fiber

* Please note these are not detailed instructions for these methods just an outline. I will provide some links to places to find some more detailed instructions and more good stuff a bit later
**drying the fiber is optional

This is the method I use for Shibori where I am interested in creating a strong resist effect and preserving contrast. Dye is more likely to stay where it is applied than in the soda soak method partly because of the lack of liquid in the fabric and partly because of the wicking factor. This process can be repeated on the same piece of fabric with new layers of resist being added over the old ones too. I don’t do much batik (love the effect hate the wax removal) but if I did this is the one I’d use for it. I also use this for dip dying fabric and print paste mix made with thickener. The limitation here is the time factor once you’ve created the dye solution and activated it the clock is ticking and you have to be aware of that.

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