Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Word

Over at Christine Kanes blog she has made the suggestion of choosing a word to concentrate on rather than a whole list of resolutions. I think this is a wonderful way to focus my intent for the coming year. I've chosen the word "Present"...
It has two aspects that intrest me.
First it encompasses a shift in perception I am interested in making, I intend to focus more on what I have to offer (Present) rather than on what I want to receive. I often get trapped in needy thinking as if I have nothing of value to give to others. Refocusing on what I do have to offer is a powerful act for me and may very well help me overcome some challenges in my life.
The second aspect of this word is staying focused on the here and now (Present) not a hazy "someday" that never comes. There is a great deal of good in my life that slips by unrecognized because my spirit isn't present. I intend to change that too.
I think both of these shifts in perception can help me grow both as an artist and as a person.

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