Monday, January 21, 2008

What I Got…

As I’ve been thinking about my word of the day and what I have to offer to others I’ve spent some time reflecting on the things I have been doing recently that have felt on target either artistically or otherwise. One thing I really enjoyed blogging on last year was my Shibori experiments with Maki Age. It was helpful to me to record the process. It occurred to me that my experience working with MX dyes as a tie dye designer and as an artist might be of interest to others especially in conjunction with creative work.
There is a great deal of information on how to use these dyes out there already, much of it better written than I can manage. But I want to create a reference of the basic methods I use and the reasoning behind how I choose which method for which project. I will provide some links for some good information out there too.
So in that spirit…
I use Procion Fiber Reactive MX Dyes for both my tie dye work and my Shibori. This type of dye is really common among both crafters and professionals. MX dyes have some excellent qualities (brilliant saturated colors, lightfastness, versatility and ease of use). Once the process is understood and certain conditions are met they can be used for a large variety of applications with predictable results. In my next post I will outline these conditions.

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