Monday, January 21, 2008

Method 1 Soda Soak*

Prescour fiber
Soak fiber in activator solution, wring fiber to damp
Create resist patterns on damp fiber
Create dye solution, apply to activated fabric, and allow chemical reaction to occur
Remove excess dye solution from fiber
* Please note these are not detailed instructions for these methods just an outline. I will provide some links to places to find some more detailed instructions and more good stuff a bit later

This is my favorite for tie dye. I prefer a bottle applied method where dyes are squirted onto the manipulated fabric. I find that the time flexibility works in my favor here. I can spend as much time as I want manipulating the fiber without worrying that my dye is becoming inert because the chemical reaction doesn’t occur until the dye hits the fabric. The amount of activator solution left in the fabric can be used to create effects. I also often aim for full coverage of the fiber with the dyes when I’m doing tie dye leaving very minimal white. This method lends itself very well to that since the activator tends to wick (pull) the dyes into the fiber. I don’t like it for Shibori for that very reason.

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