Sunday, March 30, 2008

Slow Cloth – Acknowledging Diversity and Multicultural History

Inspired by Elaine Lipson at Red Thread Studio (link above)
I love textiles and ornamentation, they fascinate me. If I could I would travel the world to learn more about them. Since that isn’t presently in the cards I surf the internet, and read books to learn more. I love to see the individual expressions different cultures use textiles for. I worry that in this smaller more connected modern world the differences that cultures have may be homogenized away leaving us poorer in the end. This has begun to happen to our foods and many other aspects of our cultures. I hope that my participation in learning and practicing the crafts I do will help to preserve that diversity just a little.
The piece above is a cover for a ceremonial gift (rumal) 19th century depicting episodes from the life of the God Krishna

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