Monday, January 19, 2009

Sanddollar Pt 2 and 3

I like some of the results from my first try but I want to explore a couple of other ideas before I go back and refine any of them.
I think the essence of the problem is how much detail is enough… too much and I will lose the purity of the form too little and I get a blob.
So for my next attempt I‘ve tried capped forms (aka boshi). These are areas stitched like makiage but instead of wrapping I put plastic over them to block the dye creating a white shape (I hope)
Two variations here:
1 a single stitched/capped shape
2 divided into 5 stitched sections and capped individually
Here they are ready for the dye

And the results

Of the two I like the second better but overall I think the results here sorta fall into the blob category
Finally I’ve tried some stitched versions
One of the things I love about the muse itself are those delicate etched details
Stitched shibori often has that quality
The first is pretty straightforward, I’ve simply stitched and pulled the outline and some of the details.

On the second I ran a running stitch around the shape as well so I could try introducing a second color

These aren't bad but I really miss the whiteness of the sanddollar.
Once again I am reminded that turquoise often has trouble playing nicely with others.
Overall I think I like the divided makiage shape the best
I was able to get some very delicate details in it, and I got pretty good results on the outside line as well as that neat little hole that is such an important part of the overall form of the shell. I will definitely try it again however I will be adjusting the dyes to softer colors. Perhaps a two step process…


mberenis said...
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Anonymous said...

i like the blue brown one. it's fuzzy edges are like looking down into a tide pool. i can see this use in a stitching. you're making me want to do some stitched shibori here- been wrapping poles all morning...ironing ribbon by night-

Anonymous said...

i like the blue and brown one- reminds me of looking down into a tide pool. makes me want to do some more stitched shibori- been wrapping poles by day-ironing silk by night

alsokaizen said...

Thanks Glennis
I definately feel there is more to try with this motif, Tela shibori over on flickr suggested discharging the motif using the stitched method and I think that I will have to try it :)

jeanne herself said...

turquoise has trouble playing nicely with others. funny. maybe that's why i like it so much. . .

alsokaizen said...

I love it too but its powerful stuff, a little goes a long way...sorta like patchouli :)