Friday, January 16, 2009


Here is the muse
Simple, pure form
delicate details
elegant, clean lines
The question is how can I best capture that using shibori?

My first thought is to try makiage, here I’ve tried three variations on it
From bottom right, clockwise:
1 a single stitched/bound shape
2 dividing the overall shape into 5 sections to mimic the segments of the sand dollar
3 wrapping only at the stitch line to create a bold outline

I like certain aspects of each (they could all be refined and better executed)
doing these has led me to some other ideas for different techniques that might serve better…
I will try them before I decide what is working best


jude said...

a lovely exercise.

Michelle said...

Wow, neat...I don't know what shibori is, but I like!

alsokaizen said...

thanks! I will be posting a few more soon