Monday, February 8, 2010

3 Groups

Well look at me! I've joined 3 new groups in the last 2 weeks!

First I joined the Slow Cloth discussion group on Facebook. Chances are that I will lurk there more than I participate in discussions. I am constantly battling time management issues when it comes to online stuff. I struggle to balance my creative time with online time and free time (as we all do) they all have to fit into the same few hours per day and usually one loses to the other two.The web is a large and wondrous place, like Alice I can tumble down the rabbit hole and lose track of everything. I joined knowing that my visits and participation will be limited although the conversations are interesting and the ideals of Slow Cloth are inspiring. Anything that keeps my brain stirred up is for the good.

Next I joined a small local group of women from my area that meet in real life. No name for the group yet, all of us are small business/crafters, and all at different stages in our journey from "nearly ready to leap into full time" to "not quite sure which of the 17 different crafts I do I want to focus on". We have met once so far , its nice to have some people to share resources and ideas with. I wasn't sure I'd be able to contribute much to the dialog but found I had plenty to add.

Finally I am in the first stages of joining TAFA a new online group of craftspeople/artists that is designed to help us connect with others in the industry. I will be writing a profile and getting hooked up there in the next week.
Groups can be a bit of a challenge for me, I'm introverted by nature and I often find the social currents deeply mystifying.
All of this is a part of an effort to step my game up in general, freshening my current product line, finding new more upscale items to offer, and seeking new venues for my work. Moreover I'm involved in a redefinition of my role in my "Real Job", trying to be more active and pay more attention to my daily habits and thought patterns.
Hmm now that I look at it that is a great deal to be doing at once...
No wonder I keep getting knocked down by low level anxiety and doubt.
Well, its all a part of the journey, and I'm grateful for the progress I'm making.


lainie said...

I'm so glad you've joined the Slow Cloth group. It is, indeed, intended to be a place that will inform, educate, and stimulate people to think about a different way of interacting with and making textiles. I know how difficult it can be to juggle demands on time but we welcome your presence there.

jude said...

thanks for joining slow cloth... i think you fit there.
i'm not sure about TAFA. not necessary really to pay for that. i decided not to.