Thursday, February 4, 2010


In which my aggravation continues...

Getting a decent photo of these pieces is proving to be a hell of a challenge. Essentially I am never home during the actual day lit hours, I am doing my best with the indoor lighting and some photoshop doctoring but still...

I'm starting to miss those longer days a bit.

Speaking of which I swear I saw a small flock of robins this morning on my way to work. They were discussing whose stupid idea it was to turn north, you could just tell.

They will really have kittens when the snow hits on Saturday!

Regardless, this is my latest sticks and stones piece. It looks better when you can see the colors.

I have been developing the backgrounds of these pieces, adding some papers, and stitching to create a more complete composition. This one features some of that wasp paper I occasionally natter on about.

I'm feeling a bit proud of myself I actually posted a thought on facebook at the slowcloth group.

A very cool group with some very interesting conversations going on, it is hard to join in though I am a lurker by nature and group convos are intimidating for me.


ACey said...

This piece is marvelous!

alsokaizen said...

Thanks ACey!
I have been messing around with matting and framing all of these for days now. I want them to be clean and perfect, a job I am MOST unsuited for, I've had to start over completely on two of them, thus the grumbling :)