Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Back in the depths of winter I took jude's Contemporary Woven Boro online workshop. It was a fertile experience.

jude was generous with her teaching and created a place for us all to share our experiments and thoughts.*

The piece I just posted about was one of my experiments from it.
Shortly after the class began I settled on focusing on how I could balance the dyework with the woven format. Then came more graphic dyework, and colors that were all around me in the winter landscape.

Once I chose that path a hundred possibilities opened. Far more than I can explore at once, so I started a sketchbook to capture ideas that I want to explore further and a file to save scraps of paper with notes jotted down. jude leaves many open doors in her teaching, new paths to explore. This is a journey that will continue.

* if you are considering trying any of her workshops I recommend it they are both stimulating and friendly.


jude said...

that was nice thanks....

alsokaizen said...

Thank you jude!