Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I spent the larger part of the weekend cleaning out my garden beds. Its looking much more respectable around here. Looks like next week I will have to repair my wall. The snowplows did some damage to it and my garden this winter, pretty unsurprising really, I expected worse. The snow was piled so high on top of it that it became a hazard to traffic visibility so they brought in a front loader to move some of it, moved my wall and a couple of plants too
I missed my girl while I was out there working. Last year if I was outside she was out there too, rolling in the grass, or eating it, or just shnuffling around. Sometimes she would stick her nose into the woodpile and snort so loud you could hear it across the yard. It was quiet without her.

As for the new piece I decided to try a bit of eco-dyeing...

At the end of the day I wrapped the new weaving into a bundle with some bark and lichens. Then I stuffed it into a strawberry pot with some compost. I figure I will check on it again in the fall and see what happens to it.


neki desu said...

thanks for the daffs and the link.

neki desu said...
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alsokaizen said...

No problem neki
someday I will get around to getting my blog links reset, so many people are missing!
Those are my special little daffs one of the earliest arrivers in the garden, so flamboyant!