Thursday, August 4, 2011


The dog days of summer are here. We have had plenty of heat and very little rain, I'm really wishing I had gotten the mulching done this spring. In spite of that the plants are doing reasonably well. They have filled in considerably and I am starting to think about expanding the back beds.
These pictures are of the bird garden.
In spite of all the growth it was looking a bit bland. I don't get alot of summer flowers and I haven't gotten the right balance of foliage colors yet (work in progress doncha know)
I splurged last week and went out shopping for some annuals.
I found a half price sale! woo hoo!
I had some big pots to fill so I bought a bunch and headed home, halfway there I realized that I had more pots on the posts that I hadn't bothered to fill yet that would really perk it up so I turned around and went on back for some more...

mmm, my pictures aren't the best, but there is definitely a little more color and it makes me happy.

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deanna7trees said...

looks like a lovely garden. it lifts the spirits.