Sunday, August 7, 2011

outdoor sculpture

Spent some time this afternoon looking at outdoor sculpture made from tree branches
I'd like to add some oomph to the garden and I thought I would see what sort of things other people do
Here are some of the places my finds led me to
this beautiful owl:

or a small city

An intriguing pile of spheres found on Dirt Simple

A majestic duo of horses by Heather Jansch 

and this powerful bull

a Finnish sculptor

 and this work by Patrick Dougherty

Its funny how someone like me who works in such a intimate scale can be so attracted to such BIG pieces of work
But a garden is a BIG piece of work made of tiny moments


novembergrass said...

Some very inspirational pieces. -Sue

Lilla Jizo said...

About the driftwood city - Nimis ... I'm ashamed to say I haven't been there! It's quite close to where I live! Funny to find it here, it reminded me I must go there some time!

I once dreamed about making big sculptures and I was always working in a large scale with my paintings. Now, I too have come to appreciate tiny, intimate things. Once, as I reflected over this fact, a friend of mine said: But it's kind of the same thing! :) And in a way it might be...

alsokaizen said...

I tend to find that I neglect some of our "local attractions" here too
and I do agree that it is the same thing... atomic particles vs galaxys... the form remains as the scale changes

Mia (Somliga dagar) said...

I've been to Nimis and it's absolutely amazing!

Unknown said...

Is the Finish sculptor's tree work real trees?