Sunday, August 7, 2011

outdoor sculpture

Spent some time this afternoon looking at outdoor sculpture made from tree branches
I'd like to add some oomph to the garden and I thought I would see what sort of things other people do
Here are some of the places my finds led me to
this beautiful owl:

or a small city

An intriguing pile of spheres found on Dirt Simple

A majestic duo of horses by Heather Jansch 

and this powerful bull

a Finnish sculptor

 and this work by Patrick Dougherty

Its funny how someone like me who works in such a intimate scale can be so attracted to such BIG pieces of work
But a garden is a BIG piece of work made of tiny moments


novembergrass said...

Some very inspirational pieces. -Sue

Lilla Jizo said...

About the driftwood city - Nimis ... I'm ashamed to say I haven't been there! It's quite close to where I live! Funny to find it here, it reminded me I must go there some time!

I once dreamed about making big sculptures and I was always working in a large scale with my paintings. Now, I too have come to appreciate tiny, intimate things. Once, as I reflected over this fact, a friend of mine said: But it's kind of the same thing! :) And in a way it might be...

alsokaizen said...

I tend to find that I neglect some of our "local attractions" here too
and I do agree that it is the same thing... atomic particles vs galaxys... the form remains as the scale changes

Mia (Somliga dagar) said...

I've been to Nimis and it's absolutely amazing!