Saturday, March 31, 2012

The First Domino

Ever notice how all the projects are piled up on one another like Pick Up Sticks? Or Dominoes all set end-up in a huge pattern?
Yeah, sometimes you tip the right one and it triggers a chain reaction, kind of a rush if you let it carry you along.
Not so long ago I found a good home for an old washer and dryer that had been living in my garage since I gave up on the outside studio and started working from home. Doing that had felt like a failure and I guess I just sort of shut down about the whole business. I set up a temporary studio when I needed one and took it down when it was in the way. I never committed to setting up a proper table with the washer and dryer there I never had the space.
The temporary tables were too low and working at them gave me a backache, the lighting sucked everything felt wobbly and frustrating.
I was passive about seeking a solution.
Having one drop in my lap and acting on it sort of knocked over
Domino 1.
Suddenly there was space and a possibility of a studio...
Well, there was if I could get rid of a few things like; the donations piled there, and the mountain bike I don't ride, and the golf clubs I discovered I hate golf with; and if I cleaned up the whole place.
So I did.
Domino 2-8.

In the clean garage I set up the temporary tables and thought: if I clean up the cellar I can break down the old shelves and use them as a base to raise the table tops to the right height, and then it wouldn't be much bother to add some shelves for storage, and some back splashes to protect the walls.
So I did.
Domino 9-16.

While I was cleaning the cellar I found some old stained curtains, perfect candidates for a makeover.
So I did.

and so on...


fabriquefantastique said...

well done....

alsokaizen said...

Thanks I'm feeling good about it, its nice to feel some energy again.

Alex said...

I really hope all that cleaning and sorting has given you some positive energy. :o)

alsokaizen said...

definately feeling a rise in the good stuff :)