Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Renewal in three parts

Part 1
The Daffs are looking in the direction of spring, they plan to celebrate its arrival by shaking out their petticoats, saucy bunch that they are.

Peepers have been heard for the first time this evening.
There is an owl in the neighborhood, we hear him on our twilight walks.
The geese have gathered on the pond in a raucous crowd.
Robins arrived a week and a half ago, and the blackbirds are singing their boundaries.

Part 2
The first 5K of the year has been successfully, completed with a time of 32:03.
I'm pleased  to have been able to run the whole thing and even more pleased that the course was delightfully flat.
Part 3
I gathered all the studio's unfinished business in a giant heap and resorted the whole bunch, leading to some interesting new ideas and some new directions to explore...

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