Monday, February 11, 2008

Artistic ADD

I really admire those artists who commit to a project, settle in, and develop a really deep body of work. At one time in my life I was able to do this but not these days. I have managed to (mostly) limit myself to Shibori/dye based work but that still seems to cover a great deal of ground...Fused piecework, digital piecework, shibori on paper, shibori on fabric, heat set shibori... I seem to be flitting between about 10-12 projects right now, which is a bit schizophenic sometimes. I suspect this has to do with overcoming an artist's block I have struggled with for many years. The ideas are coming thick and fast and for once I have given myself permission to just explore them as best I can. My inability to settle has something to do with fear (what if I give up the "right" project) and something to do with ego (I can do it all if I just give up sleeping) but I think I will just have to let it work itself out. My suspicion is that it will clear itself up after awhile or maybe it won't but I will become more comfortable with keeping so many balls in the air. In the meantime I will keep chipping away at the list of projects/ideas. This picture is one of the new pieces I've been working on.

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