Thursday, February 28, 2008

RI Flower Show Recap

Whew! its over! We had a slow day then a snowy day with poor turnout and finally two days of good traffic. It was a good growth experience for me, definitely enriching in many ways. Aside from earning money doing shows like this offer me a wealth of opportunities to expand my comfort zone. For example:
- I'm learning to talk more easily to people about what it is that I do
- Opportunities to meet other vendors, observe how they approach marketing their work and share ideas
- Learn about other shows from people with first hand experience with them
- The inevitable downtime gives me an opportunity to reflect on my inventory, marketing and presentation, and to consider new directions I want to take
I also find I tend to have a week of reflection and regrouping after it is over. Perhaps I need to assimilate all the new information and experiences before I can begin to really dive back into the creative work. I've developed some new ideas about how to best market my work, reaffirmed a new direction I want to explore and now I'm ready to go again!

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