Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cyber Fyber Trade

While away I got a chance to do some stitching. This is my first fabric postcard trade. I was invited by Susan Lenz to participate in Cyber Fyber and I leapt at the chance, after all could it be anymore convenient? I had an entire week at my leisure to play and somewhere for it to go when it was finished. All too often my completed projects go into the closet because there is nowhere to display them.
I decided to bring a small project pack of embroidery floss, metallic thread, woven fabric scraps and some little bits of heat set poly that I made when I tested the method (too cool to toss but just gathering dust in the closet, it was time they found a home).
I appliqued the little freeform makiage bits to the woven fabric then went back in with metallic thread couched with floss, to emphasize the forms set into the fabric with the heat setting. I also added some stitching to bring the two textures (woven, shiny) together a bit more. The result is reminiscent of flowers or coral or sea creatures of some sort.
I find three things about this kind of interesting
The first is that I’m using metallics and liking it, I’m not generally much of a bling person (more like hemp) but I’m really liking that pop of glisten with the gloss of the fabrics, and I am a texture person in a big way… The second thing I noticed is that some of the embellishment stitching’s texture is reminding me of Van Gough’s brush strokes The third came to me in the mail. Susan sent along a postcard with her fabric trade, I just started to laugh when I saw the similarity of the circular motif between our work!
I will post mine tomorrow. This was fun, I think I will look for some more trades to do, anyone know of any?


Lainie said...

This postcard is stunning. I love it. And I'm also relating to your "unfinished business" post! I've been meaning to write and thank you for linking to me on your blogroll -- your blog is a treasure.
Lainie (Red Thread Studio)

alsokaizen said...

Hi lainie
thanks for stopping by to say hello I really love your blog