Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vacation Booty

Our vacation went wonderfully, very indulgent to say the least. This is our second trip to Provincetown. Its perfect for a low key family getaway for us because it only requires 3 hours total travel time and we can bring the dog. We managed to fit in the perfect balance of activity and inactivity. We have a sort of system:
Get up, bring the dog to daycare, and pick up coffee
Spend the morning in some sort of family activity
Eat a big lunch
Split up for individual activity or siesta time
Pick up the dog and a light dinner
Relax as a family at the motel or the beach
Our first two days were very hot so we did some ocean related stuff. On one we went ocean kayaking on the bay and the on the other we went on a whale watch. I haven’t been on a whale watch since I was a kid so that was a real treat.
We saw 25 whales! Including one that was breaching (jumping right out of the water), as per usual my whale watch pictures convey nearly none of the excitement of seeing those huge creatures up close and personal. Rats. Another water related activity is bringing the dog to the beach after hours for a swim, she is nuts for the ocean.

We spent the next 2 cooler days doing some sightseeing and shopping in town. The motel we stay at is only 4 miles from town so we rode our bikes in for that making lunch a bit more guilt free. We even climbed the tower!
I got to do my morning pages, read and do some stitching on a porch with a view of the bay each day too.
Its fun to take this kind of a break, I don’t get much vacation time (14 days total for vacation and sick days after 20+ years… it just isn’t right), my family lives all over the country so a great deal of the time I do get is for visiting which is wonderful but different. I truly want to do some traveling but I have never managed to make it a priority in my life and somehow I am determined to change this dynamic…
Not quite sure how I will but there are a number of things about how I spend my days that I really want to change. I deeply desire more unconstructed time in my life to be used in accordance with my own personal priorities, too much of my time seems to be at someone else’s beck and call. The vacation gave me a taste of what I desire for myself now I just have to figure out how to manifest it.

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