Monday, September 29, 2008


Today I dyed some fabrics to use as I develop the rest of the discharge panels. I expect to adjust these colors with over dyes or discharge work as I develop the pieces. (hopefully they will look a bit less 70s decor when I'm done).

As I have worked on the first panel it has suggested a number of other ideas to me on how to introduce stitching and color into them as a group.

These started as a fun little experiment with no particular goal attached, but as I work on them they are becoming something else, still an experiment but also an exploration of ideas.

Archaeological digs, textile traditions, universal archetypes, excavation, exhumation, and going deeper into the psyche.
I feel reticence about too much sharing as of yet so bear with me, the story is still being formed and I want to give it the space required to emerge. I am also a bit fearful that what I find in them may not transmit to others and I will sound a little crazy...


jude said...

are these stitched together?

alsokaizen said...

Hi jude
nope not yet, I have 4 more discharged panels and I plan to use these fabrics as I develop them