Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chihuly at RISD

Gallery night in Providence

took the opportunity to check out the Chihuly exhibit




Light made of glass... sigh
Pics taken with my phone, sorry not the best


Diane said...

I have ahd a love affair with chihuly glass for a long time. I remember going into a hotel bar with some friends one night and there in the lobby was a huge chihuly sculpture. I just stood there in awe. I didn't even want to go into the bar, I just wanted to stand there all night long staring at that beauty. Truly a master,

Anonymous said...

love chihuly too. coming from the seattle area there are many public chihuly pieces/installations one can see just walking around town!
looks like that was some fantastic work at that show!

alsokaizen said...

Hi Diane
Its true the work is almost hypnotic and very tactile it just begs to be caressed (no I didn't, just wanted to :)
Hi glennis
The show was really nice it featured one archway, three large installations, two chandeliers, eight to twelve smaller works and a large wall of his drawings. There was also an exhibit featuring many of his students works. It was actually more than I could take in in the short period of time I had to spend there, but I know myself too well I figured this might be the only chance I had before it was gone... so I took it!