Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I got back from vacation to find that somehow the X-mas season is upon me already.
As is usual I'm not ready, I don't ever remember being ready for this season. How does it go directly from Halloween to X-mas? Where does November go? Why am I already being assaulted by Little Drummer Boy, Jingle Bell Rock and Felice Navidad? I enjoy the carols during the week before the big day not ad nauseum for 2 months. Probably because I sang in chorus for so many years, Little Drummer Boy is permanently ruined for me now.
So I hit the ground running, a production run of scarves, shirts, and socks was first up. That consumed most of my first week back. Now I am trying to get some more of the runners done, as well as a couple of new items all for my first seasonal show the weekend after Thanksgiving. Hope I can do it.
I was inspired by the Caribbean to try a new coloway on the scarves a soft buff/sand color and turquoise/aqua.
Here they are all dyed up
Here they are all ironed out

I like the results but I will probably adjust the recipes to get a bit more contrast next time...

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