Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden Pics

All creative energy has gone into the garden or the freelance job today.
We are enjoying 80 degree weather, unusual but enjoyable. The raking is done for the spring, now I should mulch...
these are some pictures I took this afternoon.

Hyacinth I only have one of these, I don't really love the way they smell, they are POTENT
I think this one came to me as an Easter plant one year so I popped it into the garden

Spiraea, the brand new leaves are reddish and bronzey and gorgeous. These plants are one of my "go to" plants. They are tough as nails, enviromentally sound and have tremendous seasonal interest. I put in a bunch of them last fall I really hope they take off this year.

forsythia, lots of deer damage on this poor guy

volunteer violets
One of the four surviving regular tulips (the species kind did fine)

That spot of red is a beetle that is consuming the daylily he sits on at an alarming rate, last year those things ate my lilies to sticks, time to get the poison out...
I don't usually use poisons but I'm afraid if I don't the bulbs will wither away from lack of nourishment.

This joe pye weed hadn't even popped its head out yesterday, I think all of this growth happened today

Astilbe, glowing red stems and green leaves. First full year for this plant in the garden, not sure what to expect, it may be too dry in this bed for it.

One of my peonies survived the brutal transplant last year!

Species tulip, I gotta get more of these they are tough and the deer have ignored them so far

I have pink and yellow in this bed and I just love them

So thats it so far!


jeanne herself said...

i tell you what: some of these photos would transfer quite well into spectacularly gorgeous cloth pieces . .

alsokaizen said...

Hi Jeanne thanks for your comment, I think they would too, maybe someday...