Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy (Belated) Earth Day

Have I mentioned that I love the area I live in? It is a street that wraps around a spring fed lake. There is plenty of woods around our house (something incredibly important to me). My neighbors range from young families to retirees. They are nice people.

However (you knew it was coming) I HATE the litter.

My mom raised me to never litter. I don't but alot of folks around here do. I suspect because the road is both frequently traveled and bordered by woods people who are inclined to just figure they will toss their trash out here. Mostly it is beer bottles and coffee cups. The beer bottles lead me to suspect teenagers...

A few of us who live on the street do cleanups in a non coordinated way. Today to celebrate earth day I did a section about a quarter of a mile long. The picture shows the bags I got. That is a full contracter size trash bag of bottles on the right and a half full bag of trash on the left.

Yes I am that crazy, I separate the recycleables before I take it to the dump.

It just seems to me that raising your kids not to litter means that you have raised people who see that what they do has an impact on the world, even just the little stuff means something.


Julie said...

Well done for taking the trouble. I don't think you're crazy at all. I would have done the same. No sense putting recyclables in landfill.

alsokaizen said...

Hey Julie thats how I feel too but I have been mocked in the past:)