Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keep or Toss?

Still trying to finish the studio clean/clear out. I've made serious progress and now am left with the computer and file area to do (bleh)
I did manage to get through the rest of the supply closet including a huge box of papers, tearsheets, cards and ephemera. Stuff like that is really hard for me to let go of and yet I'm not much for scrap booking and journaling. That combo suggests that I might be well served by a online journaling course. Something to consider.
I couldn't get rid of it all but I did reduce it by about 1/2.
Mixing it around suggested some new ideas for some of these old bits and pieces. An example would be these many strips of itajime dyed paper. I went back and forth on weather or not to keep them and finally came down in favor of keeping them when another tear sheet gave me a possible idea of what they can be used for. I switched them into the Project Bin, they are keepers.

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