Thursday, August 13, 2009

Worse Before Better

It always gets worse before it gets better. I got started cleaning the desk/computer area of my studio tonight. I've been dragging my feet on it. I will have to go through disks and make decisions about Important Papers. This is not especially fun to me, because to do it right I will have to overhaul the systems I use to store and file things. My usual system is; well this might be important/useful or its something I SHOULD do so I'd better save it until I can't remember what it is/where it is or its way too late.

As systems go this kind of sucks. In fact it sucks the energy right out of me because nothing makes a person feel more thinly spread than a bunch of stuff they ought to do, or haven't done, or are avoiding doing cause really they don't want to until its too late.

Saying no is important.

I seem to have a problem saying no to stuff.

Thus I end up with way too much of everything fabric, papers, ideas, shoulds...

So now I have a huge mess on the floor of the studio and a choice between trying to work around it or just tackling it and getting it cleaned up. (I will choose clean up its just a matter of how long its gonna take me)
This entire process seems to really be about saying yes/no and really defining what I want to do with my time. Its work but I really like the space I'm finding on the other side.

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